Pensions Disputes

Issues frequently arise for members of pension schemes where, for example, their funds have been poorly invested or even worse misappropriated by trustees and other advisers. For an individual in that situation, legal advice directed to reinstating their lost funds is generally not an option - it is simply too expensive. But, if individuals (who may not even know each other) get together, financial arrangements can be made under which the individuals have no financial exposure and no risk. The claim, if a claim is needed, is financed by commercial funding organisations of which we have considerable experience and amongst whom we have a number of solid contacts with whom we have worked successfully in the past.

For example, cases of what is called “pension liberation” have attracted much attention recently from the Pensions Regulator and the press. Not all these cases are a result of deliberate or even negligent misconduct by the brokers who introduce members to the providers of the schemes; but some plainly are, yet because of the financial difficulties such members of the schemes are facing in the first place they are in no position to obtain professional advice directed to reclaiming their funds and they cannot always rely on any trustees to act completely and exclusively in the members' own interests.

We can help in many cases by establishing and later coordinating an action group, and then obtaining suitable funding agreements and insurance cover to ensure that the members who have suffered loss take no risk of suffering any further loss.

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