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Price transparency

Sinclair Gibson LLP is committed to providing clear price and service information in line with the Solicitors Regulation Authority price transparency guidelines.

General price and service information

Our work is carried out on an hourly basis. We record time in units of five minutes. The level of our fees will depend largely on how much time we spend dealing with your case. When you instruct us, we will try to tell you the likely level of our fees. Unless we tell you otherwise, this will be an estimate only, not a fixed quotation. If you ask for a fixed quotation, we will try to provide one but it may not be possible to predict the amount of time we will need to deal with a matter. You may set an upper limit on costs which means that we will not do any work that will take our fees over this limit without your permission. If we provide a fixed quotation, this will only apply to the work we agree, in writing, at the time. If you then ask us to do extra work, we will charge you for the extra work.

We will charge you for any third party disbursments incurred in the course of your matter.

Fee earner charge rates are between £175 and £650 per hour depending on the level of experience. Please refer to your client care letter for further information. All costs are shown exclusive of VAT.

Specific price and service information

We are required to publish prices for probate work in relation to uncontested cases where all the assets are in the UK. This includes both testate and intestate and taxable and non-taxable estates.

Probate work for estates worth £1 million or less will be charged on a time-costing basis but, as a guideline, the level of cost will be £25,000 to include the estate accounts, submission of IHT and administration period tax returns and associated tax and compliance work.

Costs of probate work for estates worth over £1 million or complex estates will be significantly higher than the above guideline indication, and an estimate of costs will be provided on request when the scope of the work is fully understood by our fee earners. If there is no will, or if the estate has complex property interests and/or private company shareholdings, there are likely to be additional costs that could vary significantly depending on the estate and how it is to be dealt with.

Please be aware that our probate charges will not include any necessary property transfer work, as the firm does not undertake conveyancing work, and a third party lawyer will need to be appointed to handle the work. Any estate tax planning that may arise in the course of the probate administration will be quoted for and charged separately.

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